Spirit of the Bull

This is the story of a brutal and blood-thirsty fighting bull named “El Toron”. Though a famous matador eventually felled the mighty beast, El Toron’s story of blood, blades and freedom has become legend. Born and bred for his aggression, the once wild and true native Spanish bull bloodline found in El Toron lives on today in his offspring, who still battle merciless matadors in bull fighting arenas throughout Mexico. In a strange paradox, this ferocious bloodline can also be found in the tranquil mountain regions of the interior where direct descendents of El Toron now roam in wild herds. News of El Toron’s death caused such a distraction that the ranch hands left the herd unattended. The bulls escaped from captivity nearly 80 years ago only to re- establish themselves as the feral, free and majestic creatures they were created to be.

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